18 November 2017
ArtOS Was Successfully Tested by Future Gunner Officers

In November 2017, the firing control system ArtOS, was tested by the 4th year students of the Faculty of Missile Forces and Artillery of Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy. During the tests on the shooting range, the future gunners studied the main advantages of ArtOS and successfully learned how to use it.

The academy usually uses both self-propelled a howitzer 2С3 and 2С1 for their field training. The future gunners carried out numerous complex tasks on the shooting range. All the students performed controlled shots to see their results along with the results of their subdivisions. The information received includes the quality of the prepared data, the accuracy of the firing position and the precision of the gun’s guidance. Furthermore, the students studied the latest military developments, including ArtOS.

The ArtOS team gained important experience through the tests. The future gunners, who are currently learning the firing control system, will soon become the subdivision’s commanders and will integrate the newest systems into real combat missions. Students and instructors also gave some recommendations for the future development of an even more modern ArtOS system.

See the details on how students learned ArtOS in this video:

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