30 October 2015
Max Polyakov and Leonid Kuchma Evaluate ArtOS System

Max Polyakov, Co-founder of Association Noosphere, which has backed ArtOS, and Leonid Kuchma, the second President of Ukraine, recently visited the Noosphere Engineering School in Dnipro, Ukraine.

During their visit, Leonid Kuchma and Max Polyakov took a closer look at ArtOS, an artillery firing control system, developed by students of the Noosphere Engineering School in cooperation with military personnel, engineers, and developers.

The visitors also got acquainted with the other Engineering School student developments, including a hand-made quadcopter; BlackCat, a new device that can automatically call emergency services and report on traffic incidents; and CamTouch, the newest solution at the school developed by Andriy Konovalenko, a finalist of the Sikorsky Challenge in cooperation with Noosphere Engineering School mentors.

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